How Yoga Makes You More Flexible

Flexibility is one of the major benefits of yoga. It is also at the same time, the reason why most people can’t do yoga. A lot of people argue that their bodies aren’t flexible enough to do different yoga positions. Are you one of these people? Well, today you’re in luck. This article will show you how yoga makes you more flexible.

If you feel that you are too stiff to do yoga. It’s similar to saying that you are too dirty for you to take a shower. The more you do yoga, the more flexibility you will achieve. This brings us to our first step on how yoga makes you more flexible.

First Book a Yoga Session

If you are serious about gaining flexibility, then you need to make the first and most crucial step. That is, booking a yoga class. Remember, we are all different. Some might achieve flexibility than others, but as long as you practice. By the end of the session, you will have added a certain degree of flexibility.

Flexibility isn’t A One Day Achievement

As much as you want to be more flexible, you can’t achieve this overnight. Yoga isn’t a miracle. It’s all about determination, hard work, and consistency. It’s a journey that will bear a lot of fruits. Therefore, if doing a forward fold is proving to be a bit difficult for you. First, start by trying to reach out for your knees. With time, you will notice that your flexibility will increase.

Remember, the type of yoga that you can do all depends on your flexibility. As you practice, your body can endure the stretching. You will be shocked at how much flexibility you can achieve in a short period.

Yoga Takes a Different Approach to Improve Your Body’s Flexibility

Now that you know the role of yoga in improving your flexibility, you now need to familiarize yourself with its different approaches. Yoga is entirely different from other forms of exercises. It’s all about practice and body posture. Don’t let that person sited next you intimidate you because he/she has easily folded his/her body in half, yet you can’t even touch your knees. You never know, he/she could be an athlete or a gymnastic student. It’s all up to you.

Yoga Teaches You Patience, Which Helps in Attaining Flexibility

You can’t be flexible if you are not patient enough. If you have been in a yoga class, most yogi’s or instructors put a lot of emphasis on patience. Therefore, once you break your flexibility goals into much smaller objectives. In time, you will notice how flexible you will be. Knowing that yoga isn’t a magic pill that will make you super flexible the next day is the ideal mindset that will see you succeed in your yoga practice.

Be patient with not only your body but also your mind. Take this journey slowly. In a small duration of time, you will be amazed at the flexibility you will achieve.

The Different Yoga Poses Improves Flexibility

Another way on how yoga makes you more flexible is the various practices it entails. If you are determined to gain flexibility then you will practice frequently and hard. This day to day practice is what softens the body muscles. As a result, you will notice improved flexibility. The more you practice, the more your body gets used to stretching and the easier it will be for you to try out different yoga positions. Here are some ideal possess that if practiced regularly can make you more flexible.

  • The Low Lunge – This fascinating pose opens up your back and upper abdomen thus improving the flexibility of both arms and legs. It’s pretty doable and great for beginners.
  • The Intense Side Stretch – When practiced often, it can increase the flexibility of the chest, shoulders, hips, and hamstrings.

These are only some few examples. But as you may know, there are different possess that improve the flexibility of different body parts. It’s therefore up to you to find which poses are best for your body.

The above are the different ways on how yoga makes you more flexible. As you can see, practice, patience, and determination are key yoga components that will help you achieve flexibility. Being flexible is something we all long for. It’s because, a flexible body will make you strong, improve your body posture, reduce pain, give you peace of mind and much more. Even though yoga is great for improving flexibility, you should also identify your limits. Don’t force a pose if your body can’t withstand it. Practice yoga safely.



8 Surprising Mental Benefits of Yoga

When you think that yoga is for specific people and for a specific fix, then you are mistaken. Everyone can pick up the challenge and do great exploits. It leaves behind a good feeling when you practice daily and regularly. Well, a common misconception about yoga is the physical fitness only. However, people tend to forget the most crucial benefit of the same-the psychological healing component. It does well to a couple of psycho-social aspects, to both self and others. Here, I will walk you through eight benefits of yoga pertaining to mental functionality.

  1. Dismiss stress and anxiety

Anxiety and stress are associated with mental disturbance. These feelings are as a result of frustrations, nervousness, or undefined worries. These symptoms can make one to develop a high blood pressure condition or diabetes. Luckily, yoga comes into the water down these symptoms and eliminates them altogether.

  1. It shifts your sympathetic nervous system to parasympathetic

A good regular yoga helps you have less anxiety. You get into a more relaxed state of mind. The mechanism works in that, the yoga helps you breathe deeply. This calms the entire nervous system. A move translates you from flight to a rest-and-digest state.

  1. Self-confidence boost

Yoga is a treatment that nurses those with pinned downed self-confidence. Through a yoga exercise, you will get to know yourself better. This can be achieved by building your self-trust. Psychologists put it that yoga has a means of helping one cultivate a non-judgmental relationship with self.

  1. Boosts concentration

Yoga is a Greece that keeps the brain moving. It is a tactic that enhances the proper functioning of the brain through stimulating mental concentration. Studies have shown that people who carry out regular yoga practices boost the connection between a gamma-amino-butyric acid (GABA) and brain cells. Low levels of GABA are associated with anxiety while high levels boost the general memory and cognitive functionality. People who do the yoga are said to have a sharp memory and focus. They process the information that comes along their way more efficiently.

  1. Reduce Sleeplessness

Chronic sleep disorders can be troublesome. This disorder is not a respecter of age. It affects both old and young. People with such a problem tend to cut down the rate at which they seep coffee. Some will go ahead and take sleeping pills to counter the situation. However, there is a simple way of reducing insomnia. Deep breathing and relaxation techniques that are brought about by simple yoga can do a great job to the sleeplessness.

  1. Reduce schizophrenia

This chronic state affects the brain in a detrimental manner. Individuals suffering from the disorder may start experiencing some delusions coupled with personal loss. Although it is said that the condition cannot be entirely cured, yoga has a means of diluting the bizarre behavior as Portrayed by the victims of schizophrenia. A combination of yoga, social therapy, and medication could help in treating the condition.

  1. Reducing pains

Yoga naturally keeps the body intact and fit. One becomes strong and supple. People who carry out yoga are said to recover from an injury fast. Since yoga involves meditation and mindfulness, it will eventually help one reduce sensitivity to physical pain. Parietal lobe, a component of the brain, is boosted by regular meditation. A part manages limb movement and speech cognition.

  1. Boost your insight and purpose

One of the most important qualities of derived from yoga is the aspect of self-appreciation. Yoga will help you embrace the fact that you are always learning and growing. It will grant you an opportunity to pause and reflect on your intentions and for your daily practice. You are always coming back to self-evaluation to seek for answers as to whether or not you are headed to the right direction. Also, the yoga classes will help you associate with other people that will help you appreciate being part of something big. Here, you develop a sense of belonging meeting with people of like minded.

The bottom line

Although physical benefits are largely pronounced and so obvious, the mental benefits of yoga are even more abundance and highly significant. The modern science and psychotherapy have pointed out more mental benefits. This is outright clear as discussed above. Research is underway to discover more yoga benefits associated with the brain. Thus, get in your yoga room or space and soak up all these astounding mental benefits of yoga.


How to Improve Weight Loss with Yoga

Yoga as your weight loss option is one of the best ways to shed that extra bulk from your body making it gentle and supple. Though there are no quick results in this, it sure helps in keeping you slim and healthy and brings a glow to your entire persona. In fact, yoga weight loss exercises are the best way to control obesity in all its forms such as mental, physical and emotional. In fact, one of the significant benefits of these exercises is this that they can be tried and done by people of all age groups from children to senior citizens.

Yoga For Mind and body

Yoga for weight loss is not the only thing that can be done with yoga. It utilizes your mental and spiritual self to gear it in a better direction. In addition to feeling better about yourself both mentally and physically, it also helps in making you successful in all your chosen endeavors. In fact, it helps you in achieving better control of your body and soul, in turn, helping you achieve that ideal weight.


There are many benefits of choosing yoga exercises for weight loss. Some of them are listed as follows:

Increases the staying power and body flexibility, ultimately helping us in keeping into that right shape Breathing exercises involved in yoga detoxifies and cleanses your body, giving it a new life and glow through an increased flow of oxygen in the body strengthens your muscles and your bones while improving your immunity against several common ailments Stimulate your body cells through various asanas and postures through an increase in blood circulation.

One of the main and added benefits of yoga weight loss exercises is such that once you get off the same, they become easier to follow and enjoyable to practice. Every session will leave you feeling re-energized and refreshed without compromising on the workout that your body needs for weight loss. So stop thinking, and start practicing to achieve that happier, healthier and holier you.

Popular for its ability to bring down the body’s stress level, enhance flexibility and develop and tone lean muscle, yoga is less recognized for the similarly powerful outcome for weight loss. You may not know yoga described in this context, but it could be a powerful way to lose calories.

Yoga is not thought of like a specifically effective kind of workout. While it works out your muscles, it can be rare to become very exhausted during yoga (unless you are doing Bikram yoga, however, the room will be heated). The muscle toning effects of yoga do enable you to reduce calories proficiently, however. Which means that a program of aerobic exercise in conjunction with yoga will create better results than if you were not doing yoga alongside aerobic exercise.

Yoga also teaches a discipline that will assist you significantly in staying with your exercise regime or new diet. Yoga tones up the connection in between body and mind, helping to make you more motivated to take care of your body. Those who would like to lose weight frequently are afflicted by the difficulty of having motivated in the, to begin with, so yoga can be quite helpful here.

New Incarnations of Yoga

Those who wish to lose weight solely using yoga may find what they’re searching for in non-conventional yoga lessons. Some yoga styles can provide you with the traditional benefits of yoga along with a cardio workout at the same time. Yoga Weight Loss Techniques

Vinyasa yoga – This type of yoga is founded on movement from one pose to another while exercising yoga breathing techniques. Sun Salutations are often used, but other positions usually are included too. This is sometimes carried out in a hot room to improve sweating.

Ashtanga yoga – It is a complex style, integrating six separate series of various positions. These increase in intricacy, so you should start in the beginning and master as you go.

Power yoga – This “westernized” kind of yoga includes more activity and fast movements alongside yoga breathing.

These yoga techniques give many heart-healthy benefits of aerobic exercise versus the typical kinds of yoga. While they won’t quite provide you with the workout of a cardio class, you still obtain the dual benefits of aerobic fitness and the muscle toning and versatility of yoga, which will certainly help your weight loss efforts. And they’re great for people who are too busy for more than one workout routine.

Apart from being forms of workout, yoga and aerobics appear to have little in common. But traditional yoga can improve the results of more intense workouts, and these newly common styles of yoga can give you the best of both worlds. If other workout routines have left you unhappy, adding or changing to yoga might be the solution you’re looking for.

9 Health Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga not only helps you keep your body fit but it is also an ideal exercise for your mind. It improves your flexibility and makes your body strong. It is also very effective for weight loss as it boosts your metabolism and helps burn calories at the same time.

Here are 9 benefits of yoga. Enjoy!